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American presidential elections

My money would be on Hillary. One feels that, up to a point, she was the brain behind Bill. As for her National Health project, I am all for it. It's not right for doctors to rake in between $500,000 and $1M a year when equally talented and hard-working people are eking a living. I am sure that we could find a core of dedicated young doctors who could be guaranteed an income of, let's say $100,000 in the country and $200,000 in big cities, and who would be willing to put dedication and professionalism before greed. It wouldn't be enough to form a complete network of NHS doctors and hospitals but it would be a start. The whole time I lived in the States, I felt that people (including myself) were subconsciously but permanently insecure about their future. Peace of mind on the health front would make for a happier country : fewer nervous breakdowns, less obsession with ruthless social climbing and fewer family and workplace conflicts. Would Hillary like me to write her speeches ?

As for Obama, the main objection to his candidacy is that he lacks experience but I don't put a lot of value in political experience. A fresh look at things is often more useful than the ability to weave in and out of select committees and learn how to please powerful figures in Washington. If he gets too much experience, he'll turn out to be too much like them : a puffed-up, semi-corrupt government heavy, of the type the French call "Les éléphants" and Margaret Thatcher called “grandees”. Would he like me to write his speeches ?


N'importe lequel des deux pourvu que ce ne soit pas cet ignorant républicain qui s'entoure du drapeau étoilé. But my choice is Obama, younger and completly free from political tolls ! El mejor seria Obama presidente y la senora Clinton como su assistante.

Salut du grillon

Écrit par : christian | 07/03/2008

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