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Little miseries

80% of what we suffer is self-inflicted. If we make a list of what goes wrong in our lives, the list becomes endless for the excellent reason that things go wrong all the time.

It’s too cold for the season.

A saucepan is so encrusted with burnt food that it has to be soaked, then scrubbed by hand instead of being simply shoved in the dishwasher.

We look for something small at the bottom of a big bag ; we know it’s there but we can’t find it. In the end, we have to tip the whole content of the bag out onto a table and, sure enough, what we were looking for is right there, staring us in the face. How stressful !

Our next-door neighbour is setting up a water tank. He goes to the DIY store three or four times in the course of the morning, his trailer clanging noisily behind his car.

The computer is attacked by a virus.

It can go on and on like that all day. In the evening, exhausted, we find that one of our favourite television programmes had been replaced by football or athletics. That’s the last straw. We go to bed with a headache, then we can’t even fall asleep. We are profoundly unhappy.

Tell that to a paraplegic, a man with an incontinence bag or a woman dying of bone cancer !


What else ?

Écrit par : Crabillou | 20/03/2008

Thanks God, you are still alive !
You certainly are aware that every Brit is as incrusted with humor than your saucepan with burned food. And you can scrubb and scratch, you'll never get it completly out.
Your billet is typically french in every single word . I hope you'll find a suitable dishwasher at bed time to clean you from hip to toes. A friend of mine had in his garden a stressless tree. He hooked his worries on its branches when coming home, and took them back the next morming. He told me they always faded during the night !


The "grillon"

Écrit par : christian | 21/03/2008

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